Saturday, July 26, 2008

Review - "Matrubhoomi - A Nation Without Women"

Today I saw Matrubhoomi. Its been released quite a long time ago but I got the chance to watch it today. After a long time, any movie touched my heart so deeply.

The stroy begins with the scenario that at a certain time no woman, young or old, little girl or aged, is left on the planet. Men are desperate and worried thinking of their present and future. No girls are left, so no marriages are happening. This is a very vital situation. Then focus comes on one rich family who has five young men, all of marriageable age and desperate to get married. They have hired a local priest to search a girl from other villages.

This priest once on the trip to other village finds a girl who was hiding with her father because of the chaos which prevailed in the society. The priest offers her father a huge amount and the girl is married to all five brothers of that rich family. Since the girl was married to five men, they decide to fix certain days of week on which they can sleep with her one by one. Then comes the father of the men, and demands that he also wants to sleep with the girl. So, the girl is victimised of marital rape over and over again.

But there was one of the brothers who was good natured and felt the pain of the poor girl. So he shows sympathy towards her and helps her. This makes the girl to fall in love with him. This attitude of their brother is not tolerable to others and they all kill the good guy. This incident worsen the life of the girl and all hopes she had are shattered. She writes to her father about her pity state but this doesnot help as that greedy and self-centred man comes and instead of helping her out demands more money from the family as the father of the guys was also sleeping with the girl. She tries to run away with the servant but was unsuccessful. Now the girl is being chained and kept with the cattle in vicious condition. There she is being raped by one of the villageman who came to take revenge of the murder of the servant who was being killed at the time of her escape.

Evantually she becomes pregnant and all of them become aware of it. Then they start arguing on who is the father of this unborn child. The guy who raped her claims that he is the father and this initiates a fight among the husbands and him, which take a violent shape and all of them are killed. The story ends with the girl giving birth to a baby girl.

Its a pity that in our society and culture where women are worshipped as Goddess, we have to face a serious issue of Female Infanticide. According to official reports that In India around 350 million female children are found missing soon after their birth in the past 100 years. Leave the count of them who have been not reported and mentioned. At this critical rate the time is not far away when we have to face the similar situation as depicted in the movie.

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