Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Inside About Rabbi's New Song Bilqis (Jinhe Naaz Hai)

Rabbi Shergill yet again does it. After two mind blowing songs "Bulla Ki Jaana" and "Tere Bin" (both from his album "Bulla Ki Jaana" ), his new album "Avengi Ja Nahi" is out which has this song "Bilqis (Jinhe Naaz Hai)".

Now, what is so special about this song which made me write about it? This song briefly describes the incidences which took place in recent past which shook the whole nation. The people described involve Bilqis Yakoob Rasool, Satyendra Dubey, Shanmughan Manjunath and Navleen Kumar.

Bilqis Yakoob Rasool

Bilqis Yakoob Rasool, mother to a 3-year-old son, is a Muslim woman from Gujarat, India. Bilqis survived the massacre of her family in which her daughter was killed and she was gang raped.

She has overcome police negligence & cover-ups to pursue those responsible, resulting in several arrests and criminal proceedings being brought. Bilqis Yakoob Rasool was five months pregnant when a Hindu mob caught up with her family on 3 March 2002 as they fled violence in their home village. Bilqis, who was 19 years old at the time, was gang-raped, and saw at least three other relatives raped. Her three-year-old daughter was killed in front of her.

Fourteen members of her family were killed during this attack. Bilqis reported it all to police, but the case was closed in January 2003. The police said that those responsible could not be found. In spite of the risks in taking the unusual step of speaking out, Bilqis continued to pursue justice for herself and her family.

In December 2003 the Supreme Court directed the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to reinvestigate the case. It found evidence of police failure and attempts to cover up the crime. The CBI has since arrested several of the accused and six police officers. In August 2004, the Supreme Court ordered the case to be tried in Mumbai. This case is still ongoing.

Satyendra Dubey

Satyendra Kumar Dubey was project director at the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). He was assassinated in Gaya, Bihar for fighting corruption in the Golden Quadrilateral highway construction project.

On November 27, 2003, Dubey was returning from a wedding in Varanasi, and called his driver to meet him at the station. He reached Gaya railway station at three in the morning, and found that the his car was not able to come because of a battery malfunction.

It appears that at this point Dubey decided to take a rickshaw home. When he didn’t reach home, his driver went to look for him and found him dead by the side of the road in the suburb of A.P. Colony. He had been shot.

The news ignited tremendous public hue and cry. The matter was raised in Parliament, and the Prime Minister shifted the onus of investigation from the Bihar Police (who might themselves be implicated), to the CBI.

A foundation, SK Dubey foundation, was set up to fight corruption in India.

The CBI registered a case against unknown persons under 120-B (criminal conspiracy) and 302 (murder) of Indian Penal Code and various provision under Arms Act on December 14 2003.

Shanmughan Manjunath

Shanmugam Manjunath was a marketing engineer for the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) who was murdered for sealing a corrupt petrol station in UP, who later became a rallying cry for IIM, IIT and other institutes students.

While working for the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) in Lucknow, he had ordered two petrol pumps at Lakhimpur Kheri sealed for selling adulterated fuel for three months. When the pump started operating again a month later, Manjunath decided to conduct a surprise raid around November 19, 2005.

Having not heard from his son for three days, at around 9 that night, his father, M Shanmughan, had sent an SMS: "How are you?". There was no reply because that very night, during his inspection, Manjunath had been shot dead. His body, riddled with at least six bullets, was found in the backseat of his own car, which was being driven by two employees of the petrol pump. Both were arrested and the main accused, pump-owner Pawan Kumar Mittal, was held on November 23 along with seven others.

On 26th March 2007, the main accused Pawan Kumar Mittal was awarded death sentence, while the other seven accused were sentenced to life imprisonment.

A pan IIM initiative, "The Manjunath Shanmugam Trust" was registered on 23rd February 2006, Manjunath's birth anniversary. With immediate objectives of fighting the case, they have a broader agenda of improving governance in Indian public life.

Navleen Kumar

Ms. Navleen Kumar, who worked for the land rights of adivasis/tribals in Nallasopara, outskirts of Mumbai was stabbed to death on the terrace of her flat. She had been fighting against builders and land mafia who had been usurping tribal land by terror, force and fraud over the last 20-25 years, to restore the land rights to the tribals - the original owners. On the 19th of June 2002, she was stabbed 19 times.


arpit said...

Very informative and a really gud post...

Hats off to Rabbi for his excellent work.

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Excellent work brother.
keep up the gud work!

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I'm shocked ! Thanx a lot 4 info. Now the song wil bring me tears.

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good work brother...heard a patriotic song in a long long time

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thanks for the information..
the song is actually very good....
rabbi shergill has the power to move people with his lyrics...

Anonymous said...

These incidents don't seem shocking now, because the negligence of the government authorities have been so deep rooted now that people hardly feel the agony of their loss, they have started to accept. Paying remunerations and ordering committees do not solve the problem

Mayank Shekhar said...

would have never known the reality.
thanx to Rabbi n u brother..great work

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A very nice motivative informative and very spectacular work by your team

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Thanks for letting everyone know.. I have goosebumps everytime I hear this song.

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gud work man .... bt ensure dat these examples don deviate us from treading on d same path ... fear of death shudb't b greater dan d motivation to fight :)

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Something else to also be noted - Just before the video winds up, one can hear about X breaking up with her boyfriend - the popular news topics that catch people's attention rather than real social issues....