Friday, October 31, 2008

History (Un)Revealed

This story was told to me by one of my teahcers, Mr. Ajay Pratap Singh. I could not remember all the finer details but I can recall the gist of the story and which I think is worth telling.

Once there was a very learned man. He was a genius in every field. He had very keen interest in history and thus was always engrossed in it. The history of mankind was his favorite field but unfortunately that time the sources of history were dispersed and were not easily accessible. So our historian decided to compile the whole history of human race from the scratch. He studied and researched over every possible evidence and document he could find, and compiled them in order. He worked late nights and whole days for nearly thirty years. He published scores of volumes of his fine work, but as the time passed he realized that he has covered just a part of the whole lot. His zeal towards revealing and compiling history increased crest and folds with time.

One evening, he was preparing for his supper, when he heard unusual shouts and cries coming from across the street. In curiosity, he swiftly wrapped in his robes and rushed to see what exactly has happened. He saw there was a huge mob surrounding his second door neighbour's house. Now he was dying to know the exact situation.

Quickly, he reached near the mob and pulled out one onlooker and asked, "Bloke ! what has happened? Why all of you are gathered here? Why these sounds of shouting and crying coming from this house?". The young man gasped and answered, "There has been a murder committed by somebody. Your neighbour's son has been stabbed by someone. The murderer was seen running towards the woods". The historian heard and nodded. He further penetrated inside the crowd and again asked the same questions to another onlooker. The man replied, "There has been a murder. Your neighbour's son has been shot by a gang of dacoits. They looted your neighbour and escaped". The historian was taken by surprise. Just now, someone was telling that the boy was stabbed to death. Nevertheless, he moved further and asked the same questions to an elderly gentleman. He replied, "There was a scuffle between the father and son. In anger and fury, the father killed his son by drawing his sword right into the son's heart. And now the father is on the run". The historian was really pissed. But he thought of coming out with the exact truth. So he asked another person. That person too had a different story to tell. "The father and the son had a heated arguement over the illicit activities the son has been involved into. The father threatened his son to stop his activities or else he will complain to the police. The boy, after hearing his father silently returned to his room, where in disappointment and depression, he hanged himself to the roof. Now he is dead and the father has gone with the sheriff to record his statement".

And this was it !! The historian had lost it by now. He couldnot bear it any more. He returned to his house dejected and annoyed. He drank too much wine that night and thought in despair, "For thirty long years, I have been trying to compile the history of mankind, where as today I am not able to reach the correct conclusion to the murder which is committed couple of hours ago in my locality. How can I figure out what happened thousands of years ago was correct and authentic, when I am not able to figure out what is the truth about the incidence which took place couple of hours before from now !" So at last, finally he came to the conclusion for himself after much thinking. He piled up his work of last thirty years and put it on flames. He had never felt so relieved and satisfied before in his whole life.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Its My Birthday... Just Another Day

Ahh... Am 21 today. What's the big deal? Umm... I am just another common human being on this planet whose existence doesnot matter much to anyone. Often people ask me why I don't celebrate my birthday? What should I reply? I am in a fix.

I try to ignore the question. Because the answer which is in my heart will not be palateable to them. Will the Sun rise from a different direction on that day? Will the wind change its course? Or will the Electricity Board will announce a "No Power Cut Day" in the city? Obvious answer, NO. So why hype so much? Its just another common day. Now, some will say that it should be special to me. Why? Will anything change in my life before and after the day? Will anything change around me before and after the day? All the due project submissions will remain as it is. Financial crisis in the family will remain the same. Relationship rifts involving me will be as wide as ever. So, what's so special about that?

I am sure by now many readers must be thinking I have lost it. "Is this bloke gone crazy?"; "What the heck is he talking about?"; blah blah... But my dear friends all these things apply to all of you as well. Whether or not you accept it. The difference is that I have realized it and some haven't. Now let me be more precise.

Consider my example. After 7671 days of existence I can barely remember few days on which I did something which is really considerable. The days when I lived to the fullest in order to do something which was significant for others. Everybody lives for one's own self. Just give it a thought and count the number of days you lived for others. Sounds crazy again? Why care for others? "Apni problems kam hain kya yaar? Baat karta hai !!" and yup... Its also true. But ever thought?... Even animals live for themselves. Then what's the difference between them and us humans? There is no end to this ordeal within oneself. Their conscience (if they have any) screams its heart out but people do what is best for them. Others go to hell. Who cares?

But I think the day I help someone, the day I bring back smile on someone's face, the day when I take away someone's pain and suffering, the day when somebody's lips chant a silent prayer for me, the day when I can proudly say that "Yeah !! Today I did something for someone for which that person will remember me for ever", that day my dear friends, I will celebrate my birthday. Beacuse that day will mark the moment which I want to cherish for the rest of my life. That day will be added in my list of considerable days. That day will make my life and existence worth it.

किसी की मुस्कुराहटो पे हो निसार,
किसी का दर्द मिल सके तो ले उधार,
किसी के वास्ते हो तेरे दिल मे प्यार,
जीना इसी का नाम है ।

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Half Centenary Post

This post is dedicated to Vaibhav Jain Sir.

And LOL !! Finally my blog has 50 posts. Its a great feeling. I never thought that the past time which I am taking up to kill spare time after I quit LAN Gaming will become a daily routine for me. Its been precisely three months and six days since I created my blog. Knowing practically nothing about it, Vaibhav sir helped me to know the basics of creating and maintaining the blog.

And there I was, on the doorstep of a new world. "The World Of Bloggers". For the first time, I saw my name in the search results of Google. Awesome feeling !! If felt great to be a part of the huge Internet. Within no time, the hobby became an obsession. The day I didnot write something, I felt as if a part of mine was incomplete.

A fresh and new Pratyush was born breaking the shackles of the old one. A new Pratyush... who can think, feel, observe, discuss and write. To observe something very closely and pen it down in your own style is a difficult job. I tried, failed. Again tried, failed until succeeded to draw the attention of atleast some people.

And changes began to happen. People started appreciating the work. Some suggested their view point. Some criticized mine. Some were impressed. And there I was, once desperately trying to find something meaningful in life, which I got in the form of my blog.

I can remember countless lectures of PU and MGO, trying to think and write on something, in which otherwise I would have fallen asleep as those lectures were damn boring. I know it sounds weird and unethical not to listen to the teacher in the lectures but the ground reality is that one cannot understand a word even if one try to. So, better do some constructive work.

Its been more than three months since its inception, but it feels as if it was yesterday. Every new post, article, poem, song, story, fact, personal experience rejuvenates my will to write more. I really consider myself successful if I make atleast one soul on this earth moved by my writing.

The time was not always good. A period came when I thought of quitting as I was getting no good response. And at that time one person stood by me and told me that whether or not anyone reads what I write, he will always be there to guide me, support me, appreciate me, criticize me, and will do anything what it takes to help me continue to pursue my passion. That person is Vaibhav Sir. Thank you sir for always be there with me.

And now I wish to take my passion to a greater and tougher level. Surely in the future, I will try to write and publish a book. The theme of the book will be related to my personal experiences. Lets see what is in store for me and my passion in future.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Taraazu (तराज़ू)

मुहाने पर ज़िन्दगी के,
हाथों मे तराज़ू लिये,
सबका हिसाब करने को,
कोई इंतज़ार में है ।

इस पल से बेख़ौफ,
यहाँ लाखों की भीड़,
करोड़ो पाने की इस
जद्दोजहत में मशगूल हो,
सब कुछ भुला के,
कुछ भी करने को
बेकरार दिखती है ।
पर अपने कर्मों से
जो निशान पीछे छोड़े,
उसकी फ़िक्र ना है
किसी को ज़रा भी ।

कुछ हैं अभी भी,
जो नहीं भूले कि
जो किया है उसे,
तौलने वाला दूर कहीं है ।
शायद इसीलिये अभी भी
दुनिया मे कहीं कहीं,
इंसानियत के कुछ नमूने
नज़र आ जाते है ।

मुहाने पर ज़िन्दगी के,
हाथों मे तराज़ू लिये,
सबका हिसाब करने को,
कोई इंतज़ार में है ।

-प्रत्यूष गर्ग Pratyush Garg
२०-१०-२००८ 20-10-2008

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Circle

In our childhood days there was a very famous question which I think almost everybody had faced. Does the egg came first or the chicken? And I am sure to answer that question will be difficult to some people even today. Anyways, I think now I know the answer. It can be answered in a philosophical way as "There is no corner in a circle". The meaning is clear.

The same analogy is true for life and death as well. Life and death are the ONLY two eternal truths in this whole Universe. No one can stop life and same is the case with death. You must be thinking why I am so philosophical today. Am I high or taken some booze? Well, sometimes in your life you tend to realize some reality which in a normal course you don't want to think over it. The "death" issue is the same. Normally, people wish to see the bright side of the life, and death is considered to be the dead end where everything finishes, stops and terminate. But if one observes closely, the former may not be true. Infact, death is a beginning of a new era for the individual. A new journey of the soul into the unexplored world, where one has not entered before. And I feel that the other side of the world is full of light and brighter than ever.

One should realize that the death is inevitable. If one has taken birth and has life, one day the course of death will also start. And at that point the living part in oneself will be eliminated. The circle will be completed by all means. If one accepts the fact and mould oneself accordingly then many every day problems and misfortunes can be avoided.

Let me give you one example, though it is fictional. When I was young I saw a movie "Jurassic Park". I am sure many of you would have seen it and may have liked it. It is shown that the scientists created the extinct species of Dinosaurs from their remains of their DNA. So as to monitor and control the birth(life) they created only the female members of the species and left them in their natural habitat. But against all their theories and assumptions, new life took place and bamboozled the scientists. "Life finds its own course and cannot be stopped and so does death". Or else how can those mighty creature died millions of years ago?

The gist of whole discussion is that one cannot fiddle with these issues. One should not think what going to happen in the future as it is not in one's hands. One should try to live life in a good way as it is a gift and don't worry about death as according to Albus Dumbledore (now please don't ask who is Albus Dumbledore) "Death is a next great adventure for a person with a well-organized mind".

Monday, October 13, 2008

Boot Polish

It was yesterday when I was heading towards Noida in a train. It was an awkward feeling returning to the Karmabhoomi after being spending a weekfull of leisure time at home with the family, friends and amidst various festivals. Nevertheless, the tension of pending projects also creeped in. So, to lessen the guilt of not studying at all at home, I tried to read a research paper to pass time which we have to study for the OS term paper.
As the time passed and more and more passengers boarded, my compartment was jam packed when the train crossed Moradabad. It is a regular scene in the Indian trains where many vendors try to sell their stuff to the passengers. That day was no exception. The packaged drinking water man, tea and coffee man, chips and biscuits wallah, chaat wallah and many others roamed about the compartment from time to time.

Then came a little boy of around 6-7 years of age. Wearing a shirt torn from n number of places and was dirty as hell, the shorts which were just managing to cover his necessary parts. It seemed his face and hair had not touched water for months. He was carrying an old, outworn bag and was desperately searching for something on the floor as he moved on. He stopped infront of an elderly gentleman and then I came to know what exactly he was looking for. He asked the gentleman to let him polish his leather shoes. The man like a true businessman inquired what he will charge for that. The boy replied Rs 5 for a pair. The man told him that he didnot have change and so the boy moved on sadly only to return after half an hour and again asked him to let him polish the shoes. The boy told him that he had earned enough to return the change in case the man gives him a bigger note. Reluctantly, the man gave him his shoes and the boy, with his full heart and skill, polished them. After a lot of effort the shoes were polished and the boy handed them to the man and asked for his money. The man, looking at one of the shoes and pointed in an offensive and abusive language that it was not polished proplerly and demanded to repolish it in order to get the money for his labour. The boy with a sad and desperate look on his face took out his brushes again and was back to work. Finally after much hassle, the man paid him his due and the sad expression changed to the feeling of satisfaction.

Now the question is, all this labour, hard work and humiliation just for Rs. 5? Is it not unfair on the part of that little boy? In the age of attending school, and gaining knowledge he was forced to work and that too in such inhumane conditions. I was really startled to observe that. We all know these incidences happen on a regular basis in India but I realized it yesterday for real. I am not able to forget that sad and hungry look on the face of that little kid. Is this what we have achieved after 61 years of Independence? Only managed to offer lives of poverty, desolation, and humiliation to our next generation. I will not be surprised if that boy grow up and become a gangster and kill people for little money, or become a terrorist and plant bombs in the dustbins, or get killed in the tender age while falling from the train while attempting to remain stuck to the door. Can anybody give me the answer?

Comments invited.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Indian Idol 4... The Legacy Continues

It has started again. This time with newer flavour and colour as two new judges are introduced. Anu Malek and Javed Akhtar who featured in the third season continue to rock the show and with the inclusion of Kailash Kher and Sonali Bendre Behl. They say that their quality and expectation bars are raised this time around and they will allow none but the best. And this was exhibited during the auditions when many good-looking voices were rejected and not given the chance to perform in the theatre round.

This time Indian Idol goes International. The auditions were also held in Great Britain and in Dubaim apart from several Indian cities. Thousands of young, enthusiastic and talented people participated in the auditions and exhibited their skills. And thats not all. The participants of final Gala round from Indian Idol 3 shared hands with the judges and chose the deserving voices from various small cities through mini auditions. Those selected were further invited to the main auditions in the nearby big city.

And their efforts clearly show that this time they are not leaving any stones unturned. They are trying to bring more and more genuine talent which resides in the Indian masses and is desperate to unwind their wings and fly in the glamorous sky of stardom and fame. Although I didnot have any objection on the judgement of Javed Saab and Anu (but Alisha Chinay in Seasin 3 was just for time pass showpiecing), this time true and sincere comments from Kailash and Sonali (she is here for personaltiy judgement) further scrutinize the voices.

They invited 157 out of thousands for the theatre round and after that 76 out of them were shortlisted for the next round(till date). The competition goes tougher and tougher as the show progresses and by the time it ends, many hearts will be broken, many eyes will be filled with tears and many hands will be pleading for one more chance. But the ultimate reality of this "Mother of all reality shows" is that it has given a chance to some people to see and live their dreams, those otherwise would never dare to even think of pursuing their dreams in the ugly world out there.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai (बस इतना सा ख्वाब है)

Singer: Abhijeet

जो भी चाहू वो मै पाऊ
ज़िन्दगी मे जीत जाऊ
चान्द तारे तोड लाऊ
सारी दुनिया पर मै छाऊ
बस इतना सा ख्वाब है
बस इतना सा ख्वाब है

यार तू भी सुन ज़रा
आरज़ू मेरी है क्या
मै क्या बन जाना चाहता हू
मै कहा खराब हू
मै तो लाजवाब हू
मै ये मनवाना चाहता हू
मान जा ऎ खुदा
इतनी सी है दुआ
मै बन जाऊ सबसे बडा

मेरे पीछे मेरे आगे
हाथ जोडे दुनिया भागे
बस इतना सा ख्वाब है
बस इतना सा ख्वाब है

शान से रहू सदा
मुझपे लोग हो फ़िदा
हसीनाये भी दिल हो खोती
दिल का ये कमल खिले
सोने का महल मिले
बरसने लगे हीरे मोती
मान जा ऎ खुदा
इतनी सी है दुआ
मै ज़्यादा नही मागता
मै ज़्यादा नही मागता

सारी दौलत सारी ताकत
सारी दुनिया पर हुकूमत
बस इतना सा ख्वाब है
बस इतना सा ख्वाब है