Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TZP in race... An OSCAR in line?

Taare Zameen Par (TZP) has been named as the official entry from India for the Academy Award (Oscars). The legacy of Aamir Khan continues as its the second time after Lagaan (2001), his film has been nominated to compete for the honour. Last time Lagaan lost to the competitor by a whisker. Some allegations of pre-fixing and that Asian movies are not given fair space and consideration were also heard.

This time, I think, there is a strong chance of TZP to win the award in Foreign Language Film category. A theme which is generally overlooked and considered off-beat, a superb script, exceptional screenplay, and the small wonder Darsheel Safari's acting are some plus points which can give the movie an edge over other competitors.

If somebody has observed the Indian education system and society build up carefully, one can easily tell that TZP is a very common experience within the masses. These days, the fad to leave others behind and be at the top is imposed on the kids right from early childhood. How can everyone be a topper? Secondly, Dyslexia is such type of disorder which is not easily diagnosed by any layman. The children suffering from Dyslexia require special counselling and care. Dyslexic children can also be the part of the mainstream society if taken care of delicately.

Regarding the movie TZP, I don't think there is anything to describe about. The perfectionist nature of the director cum actor Khan is visible from a mile. He had not left any stone unturned. Every aspect of the movie was taken care of and nothing was below perfect. An off-beat movie with grand commercial success is not India's cup of tea but TZP was an exception. Cities, big or small, multiplexes or the simple theatres, it was a big hit. A person with an average intellect can imagine himself in any of the characters of the movie (Ishaan's , mom's, dad's, teachers'). Such was a charisma of the movie as no one was left untouched by it. Personally, I cannot remember any movie other than TZP after Deepa Mehta's "Water" which brought tears to my eyes.

I will be pleased if this movie is acclaimed at the International level and wins the Oscar as it was acclaimed at the National level and swept almost every Filmfare award. Waiting for the results eagerly.

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