Saturday, September 20, 2008

Self-satisfaction... The root of all downfalls

Note: This post can hurt one's ego, so reader's discretion is adviced.

Self-satisfaction (आत्मतुष्टि) is a term which means "a feeling of fullness and complacency within oneself". The feeling normally surrounds one, when one acheive a short-term goal, and stops craving for the ultimate aim. In other words, the process of self-destruction starts budding then and one stops working hard in the same direction. This period of pseudo-fullness seem to be very pleasing and relaxing but is seldom short lived. After some time, when much water has passed through the bridge, one realises that now he (not gender specific) is left behind others who were with him before and couldnot cope up with them. And then the disasterous vicious cycle is created and one gets dipressed thinking that he is left behind others which further leads to lesser efficiency and again more depression creeps him.

This feeling is more prevelant in Indian subcontinent than in other rich parts of the world. I can post number of examples from the celeb sphere. You can pick any Indian cricketer who has done extremely well in the past and now he is failing in every form of the game. You can consider any movie star who was at the peak some time but now is out of the frame. But leave the celebs, poor they are always under our axe of scrutiny.

Just consider yourself, when you were preparing for the engineering or medical entrance exams. For few days or months, everything was pretty well and you worked very hard. But after some time everything changed. You became complacent and there she goes... landing up in some or the other private engineering or medical college with no guaranteed and promising bright future ahead.

Leave alone the entrance exams, most of the students here in JIITU, who come here with many plans for the new semester, but ending up screwing everything by the end of T-1. The feeling that "I have scored enough to clear the subject" creeps and then blows off everything.

Consider the general public who lives in our cities. They all are so fed up with the anarchy in the 'dead' system and feel shity every time the car bumps on the pothole, the electricity goes and leave them with the final delivery of the match to be bowled, the water supply disconnected amidst of a hearty bath and many other such incidences. But they will not even try to do something for all these discomforts they face the whole day, because they are preoccupied with the feeling of self-satisfaction. Have you ever tried to move an application for any complaint? Nopes will be the common answer... But believe me, I have tried and with some strong will and determination, it works !!

My whole point of discussion is: Why are we so flexible from inside ourselves? Why we mould ourselves for every discomfort that easily? Why the " भेड-चाल " is prevelant and we don't use our conscious to take our own decisions and stay rigid with them? This feeling of self-satisfaction is deteriorating the condition of our country from bad to worse. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam (when in office as President of India) was tired of asking his countrymen to work hard in order to achieve their goals but a very few took him seriously. As a result, we ended up at the same place we started. It is high time when we start believing in ourselves, leave complacency and strive hard for perfection.

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Additional Note: My ego was also hurt while writing this post so no offences.

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Vaibhav Jain said...

dont know abt what ego thing u r talking abt.. but abt the self-satisfaction thing..

you must have read my post "moksha-the ultimate goal". i have been preaching and adivicing this since long that these wins in short-term goals and being over jubilant to the positive outcomes may ruin the lives of the people. Some may argue that gradually, if we move step by step, it would lead to the final frontier achieved. But this is not so, coz people dont even know wht the ultimate success is...

so i agree with ur overall post wht u have written and wish maximum people take some lessons out of it... thnx for sharing ur thoughts