Monday, September 1, 2008


Before starting, let me tell you the meaning of "Intellect". According to the Oxford Reference Dictionary, it means "the power of reasoning and understanding objectively". So, an intellectual is a person who has this quality. Therefore, a pseudo-intellectual is the one who fakes to have this quality. The trend set up by these people is now often stated as pseudo-intellectualism.

First up, the most common places to find these people: the next seat in the bus, the next berth in the train, a bunch of lads standing near a tea shop, teenagers sitting infront of a TV and many such places where people normally go for killing time. Yes, basically the motive of these pseudo-intellectuals is to kill time and at the same time impress some people (often of opposite sex) who don't seem to know much about the topic. They feel really thrilled to win some conversation with guys who are not smart enough. Interestingly, our "heros" generally back off to avoid humiliation and embarrassment if they sense that the listener is smarter than themselves.

The technique they generally practice is to make up facts and figures of their own. Normally, humans are obsessed with numbers, and if they are fed up with the right amount at the right time, they easily believe the shit. This property of the "Homo Sapiens" is very well exploited by our heros. Another thing they use are the stunning punch lines and self-made quotes, which they make the listeners believe, are from famous personalities, and try to mesmerize them. The most interesting part of all this is that if somebody from the audiences ever demand for the proof of what they are referring, these filthy people don't have one. But such incidences are really rare.

The hot topics, such people in India choose are Bollywood, Cricket, Music (preferably English), Girls, Sex, latest Technolgy, Medecine, Religion, Terrorism and everyday Politics. Once they start with a topic, believe me, they can extend their debate to any level possible and when that discussion finally ends, audiences don't know why and about what they actually began. Such is the "Charisma" of our heros.

So, next time you feel somebody is proving to be the pain in the a**, just try to vacate the place
immediately or else be prepared to loose your precious time.

If you think otherwise about anything mentioned, comments are invited.

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Vaibhav Jain said...

very well written.. and extremely true.. i have been a 'victim' of such heros quite a few time :)