Friday, September 5, 2008

Dreams (Un)limited...

Technically, a dream refers to "a series of images and feelings occurrings in a person's mind during sleep" courtesy Oxford Reference Dictionary. There are some other meanings of this word as well but my consideration for today is the one mentioned above. Sometimes, in common parlance, people say that "Eyes see dreams", but let me tell you that totally blind people by birth also see the dreams of the same intensity and quality just like any other normal people. So, that remark is discarded. So a safer remark can be that "Mind see dreams".

But my point of discussion is some what different. I am talking about the dreams which one sees and remembers, and then comes to know that the incident has happened. Normally people take it as a coincidence. I shall give you a latest example to explain the above thing. Days after India won their first gold in Beijing Olympics, 2008, three of our boxers, Akhil, Jeetendra and Vijender were in the quaterfinals in their respective categories. They were going to have their matches at the same day. I was really excited and so preoccupied with these thoughts that the night before I dreamt of Akhil losing and India finishing off with 1 gold and 2 bronze. Following day, Akhil and Jeetendra lost their matches but Vijender reached in the semifinals. Also, Sushil Kumar, the unknown wrestler won the bronze. Also, Vijender lost in the semifinals and end up with a bronze. Now, if we carefully analyze the scenario then my dream was kinda true. I saw Akhil losing and India finishing off with 1 gold and 2 bronze, which was what exactly happened. Although no reference of Sushil winning was there, neither of Vijender winning and Jeetendra losing.

Somebody can doubt of my authenticity, its his/her wish. I cannot really produce a proof of it. Somebody can say it was a coincidence, to which I cannot deny, because these type of things donot happen to me on a regular basis. But for sure, this incident compelled me to think over and write this blog, which is a good thing.

Anyways, a recent study in some university of California claims, that an average person can see upto ten thousands of dreams in a single night of sleep of eight hours. But this can vary person to person. Many of those dreams, one cannot recollect or remember, but a very few, are remembered by them and can be examined if they go right or wrong. Some scientists also claim that one only sees the things and places where one has visited before by any medium, i.e. in reality or through television. But then how can a blind person see and recollect those things. This question remains unanswered. Some scientists talk of the subconscious mind working in these cases, which can be considered true to some extent but this subconscious thing also explains the whole thing.

The conclusion to which I am upto is that, this thing (ability) of one to really predict the future can prove to be really fantastic if it can be controlled and nurtured. Many catastrophes can be predicted and the destruction of billions can be avoided. Although this seems to be a giant step today. But we should accept that the human mind is a very strong entity and capable to produce results which even cannot be imagined. The only thing is to control our mind and then do things which people call "MAGIC".

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