Saturday, September 13, 2008

Seven Stages Of Love

Today, browsing through internet I came across an interesting topic i.e. The seven stages of Love. Never thought of Love that way before. Basically, these stages are classified on the basis of the course of incidents which happen in one's life who falls in love. These stages in order of appereance are-

Urdu / Hindi / English

हब / आकर्षण / Attraction
उन्स / मोह / Infatuation
इश्क / प्रेम / Love
अकीदत / श्रद्धा / Reverence
इबादत / पूजा / Worship
जुनून / दीवानगी / Obsession
मौत / मृत्यु / Death

The satges can be described like this...

1. Attraction - It is the initial stage which occurs when one first see/meet the other concerned person. Normally, it happens in one's early life, i.e. in childhood or teenage. It is very common and most of the time it dies before maturing.

2. Infatuation - The budding period when attraction slowly transforms into this stage. The stage is accompanied by intense passion for someone. This can be short lived or long lived depending on the mental condition of the person.

3. Love - Stage where Infatuation transforms into strong feeling of affection, interest and pleasure. It is often linked with physical attraction. The relationship between two individuals is romantic and offten sexual.

4. Reverence - Love, when attains the feeling of intense respect, is the stage of reverence. The lust element dissappears and is not there any more.

5. Worship - The stage of reverence, when attains its saturation point, leads to worship. The feeling of great admiration and devotion for someone is what worship is all about.

6. Obsession - The 'grey' stage where the thought (for someone) dominates all other thoughts. It is disturbing and often leads to destruction.

7. Death - It denotes the end of everything. The end of love, relationship, life.

The description is purely on the basis of what I think it to be. Different individuals can have different opinions about the same. Comments invited.

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Spiritual_Warrior said...

I think the seventh stage death, refers to dying to yourself and living completely at one with the beloved. Becoming the thing that you love, so your identity as I ceases to exist.
Just something I wanted to share :)