Monday, February 9, 2009

My Life post GV

I quit Green Volunteers (GV) club about ten days ago. It was a very tough decision to make, because it was the only recognizable thing in which I was involved inside college campus. But now, its all over. Better not to discuss the causes which led me to take this painful decision. Discussing them will be the utter wastage of time. But it should be mentioned here that the after effects of that decision are really very harsh on me.

The main purpose of me, joining GV was to prevent young lads to involve themselves in the vicinity of tobacco in any form. I was also concerned about the illicit consumption of cigarettes in our hostel. So, I thought that if there is such organization which is keen to eradicate these malpractices, then I should better be the part of it so that my personal movement against it can get a big banner and a big name. And then my efforts will get an enormous boost and will be more effective. Believe me, our combined efforts brought drastic changes in the hostel environment. I was really glad to witness that.

But now, as I am not a part of GV, I try really hard not to care about whatever illegal and wrong happen in the campus. My mind tells me that it is none of my business, but my heart still forces me to step up, go there and tell them not to do that. It is a very bad feeling. Living with this feeling is really tough. But I am determined not to alter my decision. God knows what is there for me in future.


Dushyant Sharma said...

NiCE English yaar,tumhari english sudhar rahi hai....keep blogging.

YADAV said...

dil se likhi hui cheez hai........kya kahe?
bt politics me ya to pado mat ya phir dimag se khelo.aisa ho nahi sakta ki politics me pado na kyonki aajkal har cheez me politics

Sameer said...

hmmm...any advice to a budding GV member?