Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The "Kaala Bandar" In Me

Yesterday, I got the privilege to watch Delhi-6. In whole of the movie, I was wondering what exactly this "Kaala Bandar" plot is up to. It is only after the movie ended that I realized that believe it or not, there is a "Kaala Bandar" inside every one of us out here.

It is not that people don't know that a "Kaala Bandar" resides inside them. It is just they don't wan to accept this fact. From my previous experiences with different sections of society, with people of different intellectual levels, different age groups etc, I came to know there was only one thing common among all these, that here people follow a 'Zero Tolerance Policy' against changing themselves. In other words, they have that "Kaala Bandar" inside them, but are not ready to eliminate it. Perhaps they don't have the guts to tackle it, or you can say their will power is so weak that even after recognizing and realizing the stature of "Kaala Bandar" they are not capable of removing it.

Talking about the "Kaala Bandar" inside me, it is practically huge. And it grows further when I treat some fellow citizens with hatred just because we are not of same religion or caste, when I commit something which I ought not to do, when I avoid any of my duties as a student, as a responsible citizen, or a son. I try not to ponder over this but sometimes it is so frustrating that I feel I am a criminal. It seems as if it is eating me up from inside. I feel as if I am hiding something under veils. I feel as if I am not true to myself. It is tough to get rid of it. In fact, it is tough for all of us to get rid of it.

The best we can do from now on in this situation is at least we can prevent its further growth. We can try not to fuel it with our deeds. In this way, the "Kaala Bandar" inside us will be dormant and ineffective. Who knows one day it might be vanished for ever.

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daanish said...

its good you realize the importance of not judging people different from yourself. most indians have a difficult time doing this. its a natural instinct to hate and be suspicious i have found. i congratulate you for being straightforward in this aspect.