Sunday, October 26, 2008

Half Centenary Post

This post is dedicated to Vaibhav Jain Sir.

And LOL !! Finally my blog has 50 posts. Its a great feeling. I never thought that the past time which I am taking up to kill spare time after I quit LAN Gaming will become a daily routine for me. Its been precisely three months and six days since I created my blog. Knowing practically nothing about it, Vaibhav sir helped me to know the basics of creating and maintaining the blog.

And there I was, on the doorstep of a new world. "The World Of Bloggers". For the first time, I saw my name in the search results of Google. Awesome feeling !! If felt great to be a part of the huge Internet. Within no time, the hobby became an obsession. The day I didnot write something, I felt as if a part of mine was incomplete.

A fresh and new Pratyush was born breaking the shackles of the old one. A new Pratyush... who can think, feel, observe, discuss and write. To observe something very closely and pen it down in your own style is a difficult job. I tried, failed. Again tried, failed until succeeded to draw the attention of atleast some people.

And changes began to happen. People started appreciating the work. Some suggested their view point. Some criticized mine. Some were impressed. And there I was, once desperately trying to find something meaningful in life, which I got in the form of my blog.

I can remember countless lectures of PU and MGO, trying to think and write on something, in which otherwise I would have fallen asleep as those lectures were damn boring. I know it sounds weird and unethical not to listen to the teacher in the lectures but the ground reality is that one cannot understand a word even if one try to. So, better do some constructive work.

Its been more than three months since its inception, but it feels as if it was yesterday. Every new post, article, poem, song, story, fact, personal experience rejuvenates my will to write more. I really consider myself successful if I make atleast one soul on this earth moved by my writing.

The time was not always good. A period came when I thought of quitting as I was getting no good response. And at that time one person stood by me and told me that whether or not anyone reads what I write, he will always be there to guide me, support me, appreciate me, criticize me, and will do anything what it takes to help me continue to pursue my passion. That person is Vaibhav Sir. Thank you sir for always be there with me.

And now I wish to take my passion to a greater and tougher level. Surely in the future, I will try to write and publish a book. The theme of the book will be related to my personal experiences. Lets see what is in store for me and my passion in future.


Vaibhav Jain said...

ohh gawwddd...
wht is this? pratyush, u have really gone mad..
i did nothing, it was only urs keen interest and supreme skill which landed u here at the 50th post... i did nothing..

the only thing i agree to is the fact that when you were going to stop blogging, i just shared my experiences when i too wasnt getting hits... nothing more than that..

its just ur humility that you are giving me such importance which i never deserved.. anyways thnx for the appereciation.. today i feel that my writing skill has atleast done something good..

now abt ur posts, they are really awesone and the most wonderful part is that after ur shergill's etc. copy paste stuff in the beginning, the standard has never fallen.. and the poems are extremely great...

great and keep writing such stuff :) hope u reach 100 asap

FÜHRER said...

@vaibhav sir i'll try real hard to live up to your expectations...

Shubham Agarwal said...

gr8 work dude...50th post in just 3 months..keep it up!! mujhe to yahi samajh nahi aata ki kya likhun...kis topic pe.. Vaibhav has been a source of inspiration for me too.. :)