Sunday, October 12, 2008

Indian Idol 4... The Legacy Continues

It has started again. This time with newer flavour and colour as two new judges are introduced. Anu Malek and Javed Akhtar who featured in the third season continue to rock the show and with the inclusion of Kailash Kher and Sonali Bendre Behl. They say that their quality and expectation bars are raised this time around and they will allow none but the best. And this was exhibited during the auditions when many good-looking voices were rejected and not given the chance to perform in the theatre round.

This time Indian Idol goes International. The auditions were also held in Great Britain and in Dubaim apart from several Indian cities. Thousands of young, enthusiastic and talented people participated in the auditions and exhibited their skills. And thats not all. The participants of final Gala round from Indian Idol 3 shared hands with the judges and chose the deserving voices from various small cities through mini auditions. Those selected were further invited to the main auditions in the nearby big city.

And their efforts clearly show that this time they are not leaving any stones unturned. They are trying to bring more and more genuine talent which resides in the Indian masses and is desperate to unwind their wings and fly in the glamorous sky of stardom and fame. Although I didnot have any objection on the judgement of Javed Saab and Anu (but Alisha Chinay in Seasin 3 was just for time pass showpiecing), this time true and sincere comments from Kailash and Sonali (she is here for personaltiy judgement) further scrutinize the voices.

They invited 157 out of thousands for the theatre round and after that 76 out of them were shortlisted for the next round(till date). The competition goes tougher and tougher as the show progresses and by the time it ends, many hearts will be broken, many eyes will be filled with tears and many hands will be pleading for one more chance. But the ultimate reality of this "Mother of all reality shows" is that it has given a chance to some people to see and live their dreams, those otherwise would never dare to even think of pursuing their dreams in the ugly world out there.

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