Monday, March 30, 2009

Mood Swings

'Mood Swing' refers to a state of mind in which one's behavior changes from one state to another rapidly and in an unexpected way. This is a very frustrating yet interesting phenomenon which I am observing in me. This phase shift in my life sometimes leads to many behavioral disasters. One moment, I am happy thinking about something or somebody close to me, the other moment, a sad annoying thought from my past grapples my attention leaving me in an absolutely different mood.

Lately, this is one of my personality traits and thus, my point of concern. Why? Let me explain you with some real life example. Consider this, I am with my friends hanging out and having fun. Suddenly, one of my friends plays a prank on me, on which otherwise I would have laughed it off with all others. But now days, it happens that I freak out over such incident. This causes an adverse effect on my friendship with that guy. Also, the jovial environment in which we were before is completely ruined. Perhaps this happens because of some bad or painful memory attached to that similar prank or incident.

Until now, this trait was affecting my relationship with other people, and because of this I was falling short of trustworthy friends. But the problem worsens when it affects my physical or mental capability. Because of this, I fail to meet my academic deadlines, which directly affect my grades. When my mood is good, I can work twice of what I can normally perform. During this course I feel hearty and satisfied. But sometimes, when my mood is bad, I falter doing simple jobs, which in turn frustrates me and I falter more. Then comes the stage of deadlock and I finally succumb to the situation. The worst part is that these mood swings can be triggered by trivial issues like the loss of Indian Cricket Team, a bad day in college, degraded quality of mess food, or feeling ignored by people who are special to me.

If someone has a suggestion for me; how to counter this problem or you have an idea how to eliminate this, please leave that suggestion in the form of comments. I will be highly grateful.

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