Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dark Is Beautiful - A Nandita Das initiative

When I was a kid, no girl in my class wanted to sit beside me, or talk to me, or share their things with me. I was confused why in the world this happens to me. Slowly I realized that their behaviour towards boys with fair complexion was entirely different. The girls found those boys cute and behaved normally with them. This made me feel sad for myself and it created a feeling of insecurity in my mind about the colour of my skin. I seldom complained about this discrimination to my parents and taunted them that because they were dark skinned, I had to face the wrath of this world.

Later on when I was sensible enough, I decided that one day I will be someone where this divide will not matter, and then I will show to these people that skin colour is not important, and had they spared a minute to explore the inner me, probably I would have proved to be a better friend than those 'cute' boys. But to my utter disbelief, I still find some advertisements aired on TV that in order to bag a good job, or a beautiful girl friend, one should  be fair skinned. And in order to become fair, you should use this specific fairness cream. This disgusts me! So basically what they are trying to imply is that your skill, talent and confidence doesn't matter a bit when it comes to corporate world. All they want is 'cute' people working for their company. God damn this senseless mentality. I am proud of the colour of my skin and like being 'unfair'. At least I am not pretending to be someone who I am not. Thanks, Nandita Das for this campaign, now I love you even more. #darkisbeautiful

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