Friday, March 23, 2012

Life and Death - An ode to the Shahadat Diwas

I always believed there were two kinds of men in this world – men who go to their deaths screaming, and men who go to their deaths in silence. And then, I met the third kind. – Excerpt from the film Rang De Basanti (2006).

I am sure every hot blooded Indian who watched this film was moved by it. The feeling of patriotism got rejuvenated inside everyone. Even I felt the same way. But today, I don’t want to discuss that. Because that illusion of false patriotism soon withers off in most of us as soon as 15th August or 26th January is over, so there is no point talking about something which comes and goes so often.

I want to talk about fear of death. Everyone has it. I too have it. But, it is said that the three men who died on 23rd March, 1931 didn’t have that fear. It is believed that the pride in dying for the cause of Indian independence was so humungous that it wiped away the fear of death from the minds of Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru. They, among others had a single point agenda throughout their life – Freedom of India from the shackles of British Raj, which made them who they were – fearless youth who could do anything to achieve what they wanted.

I wish I could think like they did – not in the exact sense though, as we live in different times. I want to live a life which is free from any kind of inhibitions caused by fear of death. We all know that eventually everyone has to die. But what we often forget is that we have a sufficient amount of living to do before the moment of death arrives. We live under a constant threat of the unknown, and never let us unleash in the way we always wanted to. If somehow that sense of fear is suppressed, I believe living would be a whole different experience altogether.

Fear is a great driving force which could lead people to do stuff contrary to their will. I mean, insurance companies are booming these days just because they could tap this inherent human tendency. The more fear they can inflict upon their customers, the better it is for their business. But ever gave a thought about one small thing – is life so dull that it requires the fear of death to live?

I think I myself am confused about what I want to convey. Nevertheless, the following she’r is written by a fellow comrade of those three fearless men.

तुझ को ज़िंदगी बाद--फ़ना मिलेगी अश्फ़ाक, तेरा मरना तेरे जीने की बदौलत होगा... - अश्फ़ाकुल्लाह खान

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