Thursday, November 13, 2008

Review - Monsoon Wedding

Ahh!! A new post after a hell lot of time. I just didnot catch the mood every time I started writing about something. Anyways...

Monsoon Wedding was a much talked about movie but I was not able to watch it at its release in 2001. And when atlast I got the chance of watching it, I just couldnot resist. Mira Nair at her very best. I wonder how well she grasps the characters of the story and mould all the actors to perform them to perfection. Very few directors have this talent if we talk of Indian Cinema.

The movie potrays a typical arranged marriage in India. Troubled and stressed out father of the bride (Naseeruddin Shah), who just want everything to be perfect and trying to organize an enormous, chaotic and expensive wedding. Like all other brides' parents he is willing to spend more than his capabilities. The mother of the bride (Lillete Dubey) tries to blow off her stress by smoking in the toilet. The soon-to-be married bride (Vasundhara Das) who is not over with her affair with her ex-boss who is married, now feeling guilty and reluctant to marry a handsome young NRI (Prawin Dabas). The older cousin (Shefali Shah) of the bride, who is unmarried and tries to give an excuse of higher studies for the delay, but the actual reason is revealed later. The father's(Naseer) brother-in-law (Rajat Kapoor) and the family patriarch sexually abused her in her childhood but she didnot speak out until she witnesses his attempt to do the same with another young girl of the family. An event planner (Vijay Raaz) hired for the wedding, falls for the maid servant (Tillotama Shome) who is just too beautiful to be a maid (she understands English as well). And as is common in the weddings, young and beautiful relative (Neha Dubey) flirts with the Australia based cousin (Randeep Hooda) of the bride. The bride's brother (Ishaan Nair) struggles with his father's disapproval of his longing to be a chef, and the father is also doubtful of his son's sexuality (the boy is more of in trademark girlie activities like dancing, cooking). In all, every character is disturbed in some or the other way, providing the viewers a very comic situation to laugh about.

The tangling and untangling of the sub plots goes on until finally, every concerned person comes to know his part of the secrets and the wedding takes place with full pomp and color. Unlike Mira Nair's other movies, this one has a happy ending with two weddings completed (watch the movie to know about the other wedding) and the another two waiting in the pipeline.

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