Saturday, October 5, 2013

Am I against the USA?

It has been brought to my notice recently that every time when I post anything related to the USA, I become overly hurtful, dramatic and biased; and apparently it seems that the post is being written in a bad taste. Well, I just want to clarify that I believe that the USA is a great place to live and work in and Indians who are talented and fortunate enough to make their way all the way to America are definitely in a better place than India. Not even in a hundred years from now, India can catch up to what the USA has achieved today - not because we don't have the resources, or the capability to do so, but because we are still not ready to change ourselves. Even if someone tries to do something different around here in the positive direction, we have forces working continuously towards dragging us behind even farther from where we actually started. The way things are, we can never provide a level playing field to our next generation and this is the biggest reason why the USA is better than any other country  in the world, because they give their kids an equal opportunity to thrive and succeed, and any kid can dream of becoming the President of the most powerful country in the world.

So, I begin with stating that I have nothing against that nation. My anger and frustration is towards those who undermine the importance of other people, places, races, communities and incidents. A person dies in America due to a terror attack, and suddenly everyone is reporting it, talking about it, condemning it, lighting candles in his memory, and doing what not. But no one gives a shit when scores of people die all around the world by the same bullet, bomb or tank. No one cares - not even their own people, media or government; so how can we expect Americans to care about that?
They made an African American man their President, but when an Indian American girl wins a stupid beauty pageant, she gets racially abused on the internet. And if I raise my voice against this nonsense, I am wrong?
They have the power to invade anyone around the world for no apparent reason, and I, who chooses not to be the part of their mission, am wrong?
Their companies flood the markets world over, with depleted and dangerous products which have been banned in their own country or tough guidelines have been set for their sale and marketing, but they don't care squat about people using those products anywhere else. All they care about is how to generate revenues, and I am wrong?
India has thousands of flaws of its own, and I am a vehement critic of that, but the USA is not perfect either. And we should be the ones to make sure that the truth comes out. But we choose to be politically correct. Well, I am different and am always ready to show them the mirror.

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