Saturday, December 6, 2008

6th December, 1992: The Day India Changed

Sixteen Years have passed since the Ayodhya incident but for those who know about it or witnessed it, it seems as if it was yesterday. What happened that day, was never happened before in the history of India. The Hindu-Muslim relations in India have never recovered since then and are always under threat.

The incident was not anonymous, nor it was accomplished under some instantaneous rage. Rather, it was all previously planned strategy of some religious leaders and political parties. The communal tension was at its peak and the controversial site where Babri Masjid stood was barricaded and security was tightened to avoid any mishap. Under the influence of Hindu Dharm Gurus and certain political groups, around 1.5 lac people were gathered in Ayodhya for the inauguration ceremony of the site and to lay the first bricks for the Ram Mandir at the Ram Janma Bhoomi. The day before the D-day, there was a mass rally organised by Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Shiv Sena under the leadership of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Mr. Lal Krishna Advani. Many speakers gave infuriating speeches about the alledged existence of the Ram Mandir at the place where Babri Masjid stood, and also that at the time of Mughal rule, the mandir was demolished by Babur and converted to the masjid. This further gave fuel to the fire already ignited in the hearts of ignorant public.

Despite the Supreme Court order, that Babri Masjid should not be harmed in any way during the process of the ceremony, angry mob stormed into the masjid premises and demolished it alledgedly by pelting stones, sticks and trishuls they were having. Within no time, the masjid was rampaged to dust. The police and the security personnels felt helpless at the hands of the mob as the slogans of "Jai Shree Ram" rocked the atmosphere.

The aftermath of this incident resulted in the worst communal riots occured in India since the time of Independence in 1947. The country was under chaos and over 2000 innocent people were butchered in various cities. Curfew was imposed in the sensitive areas and all schools and colleges were closed. Daily life of the people was affected to a greater extent. The Muslim community was shocked by the incident and this feeling of anger and dissatisfaction led some youth of the community to go against the law. The biggest and the most devastating example of
this was serial bomb blasts that took place in Mumbai (then, Bombay) on March 12th, 1993 which shook the whole world, and was considered as one of the most organised terror attacks till then. The blasts claimed more than 250 lives and injuring hundreds others.

The Pakistan supported Terrorism which is the biggest problem faced by Indians today, is the result of that day. Pakistani intelligence Agency ISI and also their government under cover have exploited the anger and dissatisfaction amongst Muslims in India and used it against Indians itself. They fund these igonorant Indians and infuriate them against their own country and cause havoc. The country which was once known for its peace and brotherhood, and also for the Unity in Diversity, is now facing such difficulties in controlling and avoiding these terrorist activities because of some insiders who do not want the people here to live a peaceful and happy life. The seed of hatred and terror, which was sowed then and irrigated by the blood of innocent citizens has acquired a dangerously big tree, filled with fruits in the form of terrorist activities, explosions, deaths, killings, massacres...


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